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Maritime Services, Steel Construction, Ship Repair in Mexico Carretera a Cobos Km. 3.5, Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico. C.P. 92770 . Tels. +52 783 834 7187 & 783 834 6363 Email: demeresa@demeresa.com Mail: demeresa@demeresa.com?subject=request information
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Since 1982 Demeresa has serviced the maritime industry in a variety of activities including ship repair, loading, unloading, tank cleaning and warehousing.

since 1999 the company also offers steel structure and process pipe fabrication.



We work under the highest safety environmental and quality standards.

the investment in human resources, technology and infrastructure has been the basis for success and growth and enable us to guaranty quality products within time and competitive pricing.